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Khreeo Relaxing, stress relieving, sensual Massage Oil

Khreeo Relaxing Sensual Massage Oil Blend 100ml

Khreeo sensual oil 100ml,
This massage oil will leave you feeling relaxed, though also has aphrodisiac qualities, so it's is a very sensual massage oil blend.

The base oils are grape seed and avocado, the active ingredient is the essential oil ylang ylang (from Madagascar), and there is also a little tea tree oil to act both as a preservative and a disinfectant.
I believe in marriage. Strong marriages make for a strong society. I believe that couples that pray together stay together, but if that's all you do together, then it's going to get very boring. Next to praying together I believe that couples who massage each other grow much closer together, both physically and emotionally. So, this massage oil is designed to help strengthen that bond. Massage each other, explore each other's bodies, take time to relax together and passion will find you.

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