Khreeo Smoulder

Khreeo Smoulder 20ml

Smoulder 20ml
Smoulder 20ml

Khreeo smoulder is for a different kind of pleasure, and a different kind of massage. This is definitely for home use of for taking with you when you go on holiday or a weekend break. Khreeo smoulder is designed for sexual pleasure. It is to be rubbed onto the genitalia for heightened sexual pleasure. Take a few drops and rub it onto the vagina and experience a warm glow that intensifies and culminates in an extra-ordinary climax. You can use it on your own, but it is really designed to bring couples closer together, and literally add some spice to your marriage.

The distinguishing character of Khreeo smoulder is that is has been infused with chilli over a period of time. It is a slow process, which is why it is costly.

The base oils are grape seed and avocado, safflower, jojoba, and calendula. The active ingredients chilli, but other essential oils are, ylang ylang (an aphrodisiac), lavender, mandarin, chamomile and there is also a little tea tree oil to act both as a preservative and a disinfectant.


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